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         With thousands of Web pages going online every day, its a good idea to exchange links with other businesses that communicate with common markets. My markets include businesss, corporations, artists, schools, religious organizations, brides, advertising and other agencies, movie and entertainment companies and more.
         It is rare any business stays, let alone gets, to the top 10 links in search engines without an advertising fee. So links helps everybody's Web visibility. I promote to my (our) markets through Web advertising and several hundred email newsletters. You might be among them. Regardless, Web link also can improve search engine results.
         Businesses and nonprofit organizations can link on this page or, only if I photographed images appearing on pages within this site, to link from your specific image page.

Here's how to link to this site:

         Send me an email with a one or two sentence description to go with your link.
         I will post it on this page.
         You can post a link from either a links page like this one...
   and/or from a page on this site displaying images I took,
         Please do not put a page credit where other pictures I did not take are posted. If there are other pictures on the page taken by other photographers, credit-link to me at least one individual picture that I took, then link any others that I took.
         All links need to be exactly reciprocal. For example, if you are a client pictured exclusively on any pages within, I will place a link on that page (where your images are located) provided you place a reciprocating
     credit link
from the page(s) of your your site where the images I shot are used.
         Page credit links should look like this (but not necessarily in bold)...
photo(s) by
Paste the code (below) for the link (above) anywhere in your page(s) where my images are used. You will need to use your regular keyboard symbols for ‹...› or copy the code directy from this pages "source" view of your browser.
‹/font‹›font size="2"›‹font color="#000000"›photo(s) by ‹a href=""›‹br /›‹/font/‹/a›