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New Animal Ordinance Coming? | Anniversary: Ketchum Flack Got in Touch With His Feelings
Willie Mitchell Tribute | Teacher X on Teaching in an Inner City School | U of M Lecture Series
Appraiser X on Lender Claims | Links You Won't Regret Linking to
Film Review: Bad Lieutenant | Letters

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New Animal Ordinance Coming? Pit bull reads newspaper picture inset
with cats
This pit is available for adoption.
901.267-4691 photo/comp Benqq
(post Jan. 30) Shea Flinn is one City Council member who wants owners to spay and neuter pitt bulls in the city. MPN thinks the ordinance as reported in the CA Jan. 28 doesn't go far enough to control the overpopulation of all breeds. Owners of all dogs (and cats) should be required to have their animals undergo this quick, inexpensive surgical procedure. Memphis is now overrun with homeless animals that present a danger to people and animals alike. People have been attacked, injured and killed by dogs free roaming the streets. The city looks like a third world shantytown that can't take care of basic needs. One even can see breeders selling pups literally in the parking lot of businesses in Memphis. Just check out Yale and Austin Peay in the green space of Regions Bank. Drivers often pull into the parking lot to buy pups out of a cage.

Moreover, these animals may end up in dog mills, fight clubs, experimentation labs or simply abandoned once the owner grows tired of them. With the recent city animal shelter scandal, Councilman Flinn is well on the right track, but we hope his ordinance now in development will go further than just one breed, but all dogs and cats under the care of owners. Responsibility to the animal itself aside, animal ownership in an urban area should be considered a conditional right with ordinances bearing steep penalties, even criminal in some cases, for people who don't provide basic care for their pets. --Benqq
The media and an ice storm...Tell us, Ma'am, what flashed before your eyes?
(posted 1-30-10 8:55 am) "I saw God or maybe that was my guardian angel reaching for my steering wheel, no make that a little girl picking flowers in a flower field, better yet, I think I heard a Brahams symphony while I saw splash red spring lillies blooming slow motion as if touched by God's finger...no, no I think I saw..."
--Yearned for answers to a reporter's question, "What 'flashed before your eyes' (as you were sliding)?" from a woman driver as she sat behind a wheel after sliding into a ditch on an icy road in Memphis Fri. Jan.29.-- Benqq
A year ago this month:
(posted 1-28-10 1:50 pm) Too rich this link to resist. Ketchum flack inserts lower extremity in mouth And this company VP was giving a seminar on digital media at FedEx that had to include social media as well-- unless the New York agency thought no one in Memphis knew about Twitter--perhaps a holdover from the days of Mad Men. But FedEx's director of communications sent a classy can letter to Ketchum, siting the company's ability to produce their own video as good or better than what Ketchum could do, which brings up the question why they ever hired Ketchum in the first place. Anyway, it struck a nerve because I experienced the same thing at my old employer, the AARP, where I was the same kind of flack. They'd hire outside PR firms at huge expense while internally I produced what had to be one of the most successful PSA's in the org's history. The difference between FedEx and the AARP is that the former knows how to develop employees. As for Ketchum Public Relations: They had their barbeque and cooked it too. -- Benqq
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Ashley R. Williamson reads Willie 
Mitchell Tribute program The tribute for music producer Willie Mitchell attracted a diverse audience, including some in the music industry. Above, Ashley R. Williamson of WilliamSong Music, Inc.

Celebrating the Life of a Memphis Record Producer

Willie Mitchell

Copy and Photos by Ben Harrison
research by Ann Perrett
© all rights reserved

amily, friends, fans and artists at his memorial tribute Jan. 13 used words that recalled a man's presence in their lives--authentic, kind, generous humanitarian, creative, classy, always quality. Spoken and sung, words were called up and delivered like the steady clarion rings of a church bell. And the bell was ringing for long-time Memphis music producer Willie Mitchell.

During most of his career Mitchell flew under the radar of popular mass recognition that reflected the lights of the big stars like Elvis, BB and Jerry Lee.

But to those in the industry worldwide, Mitchell walked a large footprint. Already he had a successful recording career in the mid-60's even before he produced for Al Green at Hi Records with such hits as How Time Slips Away.

At Hi he is credited for the "instantly recognizable 'Hi sound' (churning organ fills, sturdy horn arrangements, a steady 4/4 drumbeat, etc.)," according to the program of the family-produced tribute held in the sanctuary of the Hope Presbyterian Church in Memphis, TN (USA).

With two large on-stage video screens projecting speakers and performers in a sanctuary that seats 5,000, music people gathered to speak and sing about a man who recorded and produced six decades of Memphis music and who has been called "the soul of the Memphis sound."

Leon Griffin, WHBQ-TV meterorologist, emceed the ceremony and told of meeting Mitchell while working in the late 50's on WHBQ's local program Talent Party hosted by George Klein. While the Talent Party camera panned dancing teens with duck-tails, rolled up sleeves, poodle skirts and two-tone oxfords the show featured local musicians. And one musician on set several times was Dr. William Donati.

Says Donati, who played on Talent Party with Lawson and Four More: "An appearance on Talent Party was a real career boost for bands. George Klein was always a friend of local bands. We didn't play live, so groups would go to Sonic Recording on Madison Avenue, where Roland Janes engineered for a modest fee. Memphis bands could perform on a show with a major star like Jackie Wilson. GK was admired by local musicians and Talent Party was always a must-see on Saturday afternoon." (cont'd above)
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Donati now records in Las Vegas as well as writes books on American culture and teaches English literature. (He also has a 35 mm film production satirical music video written by Donati and directed and shot by the writer of this article.)

Legendary blues artist
	Solomon Burke sings with Hi Rhythm
Solomon Burke was among the last artists (along with Rod Stewart for which Mitchell did string and horn arrangements for Stewart's album Soul Book) to record with Mitchell. Burke, above, wrapped the program.

Legendary blues artist
	Solomon Burke sings with Hi Rhythm
Kevin Page accompanied by Hi Rhythm in foreground. (Several stage shots show the projected image from video camera.)

Bobby O'Jay
Memphis radio DJ Henry Nelson told of working with Willie at the station.

Tom Gladney was The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards bodyguard when the group came to Memphis in 1986 to meet Mitchell. Gladney subsequently became Mitchell's bodyguard.

Two men photo
Mason Reltherford, former owner of (now closed) Club Manhattan and Myron Crower, photographer.

The Hope Presbyterian Church sanctuary, which seats 5,000, has video screens on stage and is equipped with audio and video production capability. Above, photographed from the entry, Willie Clayton is barely seen performing on stage but is larger than life on two side video monitors.

View from stage right

Cohen staffer
Randy Wade, District Director for Sen. Steve Cohen (Dem), presented Cohen's entry into the Congressional Record about Mitchell.

(cont'd above)
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The artist Tony Gandy
Portrait artist Tony Gandy worked through the night to prepare his piece (left, 4th down) for the ceremony.

John Fry, president of Ardent Studios, borrowed from another recently passed Memphis musician, Jim Dickinson, saying, "I am just dead; I'm not gone. He is much loved."

AC Wharton
Memphis Mayor AC Wharton

Former Stax Records producer Al Bell said in an emotional, cathartic presentation how Mitchell literally put food on his table when he, Bell, was dealing with his own personal issues. Bell concluded, "And now I can rest and he can rest, too."

Others offering reflections were Jon Hornyak, David Porter, DJs Bobby O'Jay and Henry Nelson and democratic politicians AC Wharton, Dr. Willie Herenton, Harold Ford, Sr. and Rep. Michael Cohen. Both city and state presented proclamations. Rep. Cohen had entered remarks into the Congressional Record.

Harold Ford, Sr. From the family of Memphis Politicos, former US Representative Harold Ford, Sr.

Live music was performed by Minivan, Don Bryant, Hi Rhythm, Kevin Page, Preston Shannon, J. Blackfoot, Willie Clayton, Otis Clay and Solomon Burke. Singers John Mayer and Steve Jordan made remarks on tape. Other taped portions included Mitchell receiving the Trustee's Award at the 50th Grammy's Award in 2008. Singer Robert Cray sent a telegram.

Willie Herenton Former Memphis Mayor Dr. Willie Herrenton

Dressing well and always speaking correctly, were remembered by his son, Lawrence "Boo" Mitchell, in final remarks, flanked by his many grandchildren. "And what did we always say when we saw Poppa?" he asked them.

"We love you, Poppa!" they shouted in loud unison.

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Teacher X
A Dispatch from the Front
From a Memphis Inner City School, January, 2010

As Told to Ben Harrison by Teacher X

When I first started teaching at a Memphis inner city school, what surprised me was most teachers just want to get through the day. I mean, just get through the day with no classroom disturbances like a fight, drug bust or, more likely, sudden outbreak of cacophonous rapping. And nothing at that moment is more representative of the challenges facing probably every inner city school. contd --->

>>related>> Stamp this story ongoing...

On the same day as our dispatch above Jane Roberts reported in the Jan. 21 Commercial Appeal eight "failing Memphis schools," made it to the short list to receive funding for charter school takeover. Apparently, reading from the article, the schools have a good chance of "winning" (our quotes) 108 of the $502 million the Tennessee State Board of Education is seeking from Obama to fund educational "innovations."

->contd ---> (If you'd like to discuss this article, contact us here or call the editor direct at this number: 901.493-6932. Look forward to hearing from you. --Ed.)

University of Memphis
Lecture Series

Recommended Lecturer composite strip
Lecturing is a verb. Above, Professor Moyn delivers. photos by Benqq

Jan. 22. University of Memphis--So after we've all come to feel warmly and fuzzily self-satisfied about post World War ll western democracies touting self determination for emerging nations, along comes a spider to spoil our picnic. In this form he is Columbia University Professor Dr. Samuel Moyn, whose thesis is western powers left out, if not downright opposed, human rights in the "anti-colonialism movement."
Speaking in a series of such lectures sponsored by the Marcus W. Orr Center for the Humanities, the Polticial Science and Sociology Departments of the University of Memphis, The Columbia University professor and author of The Last Utopia: Human Rights in History delivered an engaging presentation. If you are looking for an activity with intellectual heft, i.e. goes beyond the normative themes of talk radio, check out the series. I'd even recommend it as a cheap afternoon date activity given that lectures are free and open to the public, includes, at least this one did, light hor'dourves where you could chit-chat with the speaker. Parking was only about $2 at a meter in a fairly close visitor lot. Besides, if your date were impressed by such things, you might get points just for doing something thoughtful. More info --Benqq, ed.

Memphis Real Estate Appraiser X
Appraiser X has been a licensed real estate appraiser for 26 years. X is licensed in the state of Tennessee.
Homeowners Beware: Look Behind Incentives Your Lender is Offering

I noticed an ad running on a Memphis television station claiming a $500 appraisal savings if you use a particular lender. Uh, excuse me, if a lender is advertising that, make sure it shows up in your documents, as I explan below. Here's why: frequently lenders do offer a few enticements to attract your business. One of the “come ons” is that you can save hundreds on your appraisal because the lender is paying that fee for you. An increasing numbers of lenders are advertising a $500 or so savings to you but in fact are paying $210 for the actual cost of the appraisal. And-you guessed it-the "reduced fees" never get passed on to the homeowner. Contd --->
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call
A Quick Review by Ann Perrett (posted 1.26.10)
Playing at the Ridgeway Four
Directed by Werner Herzog, starring Nicolas Cage, Val Kilmer, Eva Mendes, Eva Mendes, Brad Dourif, Fairuza Balk

Set in post Katrina New Orleans this is the tale of Terence McDonagh, a corrupt and drug addled policeman who has good luck, bad luck and no luck at all.

Nicolas Cage portrays the drug addicted, gambling obsessed detective investigating the gangland style killing of a family of Senegalese immigrants. Does he really care if he finds the killer or killers, or does he just want the source of their drug connection?

Hours of pain from his back injured in a moment of salvation when he saves a drowning prisoner; hours of waste with his drug addicted prostitute girlfriend; hours with his drug addicted former policeman father and dad's crazy beer guzzling wife---these are the days of our Cage's Terence. And we love the ride Cage takes with his character.

We love the ride because of fearless direction of Werner Herzog and the wild characterization presented by Cage. The great edge Cage brings to all his characters is present ever so perfectly in Bad Lieutenant. We are drawn, yet repulsed. We want him to prevail, but know its an uphill climb for him, his being a cop from the old school that still refuses sacrifice effectiveness for cleanliness.

He's evil, he's good, he's lying, he's truthful. Surrounding Cage are terrific performances by Eva Mendes, Val Kilmer, Brad Dourif, and a wandering iguana.

More links:
Hitler Finds Out Scott Brown Won Massachusetts Senate Seat
Newsroom / More American Workers Outsourcing Own Jobs Overseas
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Dear Pix,

AAA fails to provide safe prompt rescue.

That's right every year you pay your dues to the American Automobile Association to ensure that on that dark rainy night on a isolated road when your car stops and won't start to the rescue always asking, "Ma'am are you in a safe place?” (Right, picture provided by letter writer of AAA battery being charged at Autozone.) Continue-->

AAA battery being charged © Ann Perrett

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